Did you know that nicotine withdrawal only lasts typically 48-72 hours (give or take, depending on how much you smoke)?

Did you know that once you are out of withdrawal, there is still a psychological adjustment period of about one month?

Once you are past the initial first 3-4 days, you will notice a big difference in your level of craving for nicotine.  If you are using the e-cigarette Gradual Withdrawal Plan, you may find that you can reduce the cravings as you wean off the drug.  If you are using the e-cigarette Cold Turkey Plan, you may find that your symptoms may be more severe, but shorter in duration.

Remember that you can do the Plan with, or without the e-cigarette.  Just use an oral substitute like a coffee stirrer or straw instead to quell the desire for oral and tactile gratification, and if you wish, take a few days to reduce the level of nicotine in your bloodstream before you Cold Turkey for good.

Know that as you come off the drug, it’s ok to still miss smoking, even after withdrawal.  The KEY is to know that this is a process… a one day at a time process that requires grieving the loss of your best friend, the cigarette.   If you have a Plan, your success rate is significantly increased.

Choose COLD TURKEY if you are a light smoker, and want to get the drug out of your system ASAP.

Choose GRADUAL WITHDRAWAL if you are a heavy smoker or need some time to wean off the drug.

In any case, choose a Plan, and please feel free to contact me by going to my Contact Page.  Remember, one-on-one counseling with me is also available.

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