Weight Control Plan





Dr. Judy’s Habit Breakers e-Cigarette WEIGHT CONTROL Plan:





*VEGETABLE BASED (no propylene glycol).


Dear Smokers,

Did you know that food is a common substitute for quitting smoking?  Did you know that the #1 fear of stopping smoking is fear of weight gain?

e-Smoking is not only a great transitional tool to help you transition from smoker to ex-smoker, it’s also a PERFECT oral substitute to help prevent you from putting unwanted calories in your mouth!

After years of working with smokers, I’ve discovered that oral and tactile substitutes can calm you down, fill the emptiness not smoking leaves you with, and help fill your oral desire for food.

Harmless, fun, satisfying, and delicious, you can now e-Smoke your favorite flavored e-Cigarettes and spare yourself the weight gain that can sabotage your long term success as an ex-smoker.  It’s the perfect food substitute because it helps you Satisfy Your Oral Need For Food and PREVENT Overeating!

Coming Soon!

Open this menu, and pick your favorite flavors:

Grape, lime, cherry, chocolate, apple pie, vanilla, cinnamon, etc…..

Think of it as your e-Cigarette Hookah!

With every purchase you get a FREE Download of Dr. Judy’s Weight Control Tips here (from the book).