Every 3rd Thursday of November, smokers ban together to quit smoking.

This year is unique in that you now have the option to use the e Cigarette as a tool to kick the habit!

For those of you who are light smokers, choose the COLD TURKEY KIT (you can purchase her book and the kit on this site at the store tab) with no nicotine content.  That way you can substitute out your cigarettes and substitute in your e Cigarette and transition into being an ex-smoker comfortably.

For those of you who are heavy smokers and don’t want to kick it “cold turkey,” you can choose the GRADUAL WITHDRAWAL KIT consisting of different levels of nicotine for 5 days before you transition into no nicotine during the last 5 days (you can purchase the book and kit on this site at the store tab).

Either way, you can kick the habit without losing the pleasure of inhaling, something that many smokers find comforting.

With Dr. Judy’s Habit Breakers Stop Smoking Plan, you can pick your method–COLD TURKEY, GRADUAL WITHDRAWAL, WITH OR WITHOUT USING THE e Cigarette.

The point is this:  You now have CHOICE.  That means you can personalize your Plan.  And if you can’t do it on your own, you can contact Dr. Judy and schedule an appointment to stop smoking one on one, with her help and guidance.


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