Stop smoking and NOT Gain Weight

How to avoid shoving your feelings down with food after quitting smoking.

There are several answers to this:

1) AVOID BIOCHEMICAL TRIGGERS: Food is a drug. Nicotine is a drug. When you give up one drug, the desire is to fill it with something else. Sugar, carbs, in particular do something similar to your energy level that nicotine does–sugar, like nicotine is a stimulant, so in order to make up for the nicotine loss, you shove sugar based and carb based foods into your mouth instead! Make sense? To avoid this trap, eat small meals every few hours to level out your energy. This will help you avoid the trigger to smoke or overeat. Protein–nuts, eggs, cheese, soy products, fish, etc, will even out your energy curve and help you avoid biochemical triggers.

2) EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS: After you quit smoking, your emotions can be a roller coaster ride–particularly when you are forming a new habit and withdrawing from nicotine. Food is comfort. Smoking is comfort. The need to shove food in your mouth when you stop smoking fills the oral desire to put something in your mouth. This oral desire is an attempt to fill an emotional need to fill the hole that not smoking leaves you with. To solve this dilema, express your emotions as you need to. Cry, say what’s on your mind, and get your feelings out instead of shoving them down with food. If you relieve your emotions through effective communication, you may find that you don’t have to defend your feelings by numbing yourself with food.

3) USE HARMLESS ORAL SUBSTITUTES: Sunflower seeds, straws, coffee stirrers, water or tea and gum are good examples. Cut up vegetables to snack on. You can also use an e-Cigarette to fill your oral desire for food. You can purchase the e-Cigarette Weight Control Kit (flavor only) through my website. Just go to the link “read more” and find Dr. Judy’s Weight Control e-Cigarette Kit. The flavors are vegetable based so they won’t harm you, and you will receive more free tips on how to keep your weight under control and avoid shoving down excess calories!

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