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Allows Smokers To Go Cold Turkey Or By Gradual Withdrawal

LOS ANGELES, CA – The dreaded frustration of trying to stop smoking
can be hard whether you are a couple of cigarettes a day smoker to a
pack or two a day. But now there is help with a new book: “Dr. Judy’s
Habit Breakers Stop Smoking Plan” a guided plan to give smokers
control over how they break away from their addiction. Dr. Judy
Rosenberg, a licensed clinical psychologist, smoking cessation expert,
and founder of the Habit Breakers Clinic has worked with thousands of
smokers and has a one-year success rate of more than 80 percent.“

In 1986, she wrote a self-help book on kicking the smoking habit. The
book was based on the cold turkey approach to breaking the smoking
habit and losing the desire to resume and her first book sold over a
quarter of a million copies. Now with decades of more research and
studies the next chapter in combating smokers’ addiction is finally
here. “The results gained in the Plan are highly encouraging…A
well-conceived Plan that works,” remarks, David E. Glass, M.D.,

What The Book Offers:
Rosenberg’s book provides a plan and tools to help smokers quit
smoking and stay smoke-free. The Plan details two key tools integral
to success: “The Be The Cause Mind Map”-a paradigm shifting system
that will take the smoker from their addiction through their
de-addiction and to freedom and healing; and an e-Cigarette plan to
successfully transition the smoker from smoker to ex-smoker. The book
helps smokers confront all the problems that they confront themselves.
From their chemical and psychological addiction to nicotine, to their
nagging urge to smoke, with ways to help them relax without smoking,
the troubled weight gain, relapse triggers and their need for ongoing
support. Her book helps smokers say goodbye to smoking as they build
their own desire for health and lose the desire to resume unhealthy
and destructive habits. “I grew up in a smoking household where my
Mother and Father smoked and struggled with serious health problems
and from that I was determined to design this plan to help every
smoker,” remarks, Dr. Rosenberg.

With many cities banning smoking along with public parks, beaches,
bars and restaurants more and more smokers want to kick their
addictive habit. “Smoking is the number one cause of premature labor
and small-for-date infants. I recommend the Habit Breakers Plan for
any pregnant woman who smokes,” says, Randy Harris, M.D.,

Hard Facts On Smokers In The US
According to the Center for Disease Control: an estimated 45.3 million
people, or 19.3% of adults (aged 18 years or older), in the United
States smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is more common among men
(21.5%) than woman (17.3%). Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of
preventable death in the United States, accounting for approximately
443,000 deaths, or 1 of every 5 deaths, in the United States each

About Dr. Judy Rosenberg:
Dr. Judy Rosenberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, holds a Ph.D. and
Master’s in Psychology from the California Graduate Institute in Los
Angeles and a BA in Psychology from UCLA. Prior to starting the Habit
Breakers Clinic in 1980, she worked for several smoking cessation
clinics and found that smokers were able to quit smoking but that
staying off cigarettes was another matter. Her Doctoral Dissertation,
the “Effects of a Mood-Altering Treatment on the Success Rate and
Depression Level of Smokers Who Want to Stop Smoking” led her on a
life-long journey to deal with this issue. After several years of
working with thousands of smokers, Dr. Rosenberg realized that many
smokers don’t want to go to a stop smoking clinic and would rather
stop smoking in the privacy of their own home.

Dr. Judy’s Habit Breakers Stop Smoking Plan is available now in
paperback and eBook at Amazon and Abbott Press

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